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Imagery and Language: Learning English; Adrift in Hawaii

Busy Wednesday

Posted by gvcholita on October 22, 2008

Hi, my name is Montserrat, I am from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and I came to Hawaii first of all because I wanted to travel to Hawaii and be in Paradise, and I think it really is.

Today is my busy day from the whole week, I’ve a really busy Wednesday, after Tuesday’s night is very difficult to wake up and start a busy Wednesday, with english classes the whole morning, starting from 8.30 till 3.30 in the afternoon, and after that I go and have something for lunch, and after that I attend my make-up artistry program in the ISBE (International School of Beauty and Esthetique) campus Hawaii, it is really cool but complete time, it goes from 5.30 till 10.00 pm, with just a brake of 20 minutes in between, but it is very good I really enjoy attending that classes, I love everything that has to do with make-up and those stuff.

I am having a great time here in Hawai’i!!!


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