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Imagery and Language: Learning English; Adrift in Hawaii

My English Experience

Posted by gvcholita on October 23, 2008

My experience with English as a second language since I was in Kindergarten in Mexico all the middle class and up go to private schools that are often bilingual, english and spanish speaking schoools so I am used to hearing English and attending English lessons, but it stills remain as a difficult problem for me ? I find some trouble in fluently speaking, I think I am better in writting and listening than speaking and pronunciation, ? many words are spelled the same as in Spanish but they have a very different pronunciation, here all the words are pronunced softly and in Mexico we speake and pronaunce words in a stronger way? we make slouder sounds for word pronunciation.

I think I will never stop learning English ? I think it’s very important to speak English in a high level, ? you can always get a better job and better paid, in Mexico it’s often one of the requests if you want to get a job you must be able to speak and write English in a 80-100 % so you must be avaible to speak with English speaking clients and have a higher standard for your company.

For my job it is very important to speak and really comprehend English because we are dealing all the time with international clients and all of them speak English, sor me English is the Universal Language ? everybody speaks English all over the worls, so it’s the easiest way to communicate with opther countries and cultures and to learn from them and really get to know how to deal with their business and legal problems.


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