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First Weekend in Hawaii

Posted by ramyleo on October 27, 2008

It was my first Weekend in Hawaii. It was raining. Everybody said that it was the first time for months and it was necessary for the environment. Of course it is. But why when I am going [had planned] to discover the Island by car! That’s not fair…

Although we went to the North-shore to Sunset Beach and we drove as well to the East side [windward side as well]. Once we saw a turtle nearby the beach, but it didn’t went out of the water. I really like turtles. I would like to dive with them.

After these? trips we all felt very tired and were not able to go somewhere. So next Weekend we decided to stay here and just relaxing a little bit. Maybe this time? we will go out to having a party and I hope the weather is much better [so that we are able] to go to the beach every time we like‘d to go .


8 Responses to “First Weekend in Hawaii”

  1. guenter1960 said

    If you know a place were it’s possible to swim with turtles, please let me know.

  2. gvcholita said

    I saw a huge turtle once on Turtle´s Bay, that´s the common name I do not know well what is the real name for the Bay but it is the home of 13 turtles and it is near Sunset Beach.

  3. marianacandia said

    I love turtles too!!

  4. schlumpf84 said

    I heard that your are not allowed to touch them, otherwise you do have to pay a retribution! Tomorrow afternoon I am going to North-shore, pherhaps I will see a turtle and can take a picture for you!

  5. ninsl said

    Oh Ramona. I felt absolutly the same. Of course it’s good for the environment, but it’s also good, when the sun is shining sometimes…

  6. Josh said

    Yes but we really need some rain. I’ve also seen a lot of turtles on the North Shore; they’re amazing! And yes, it is illegal to go too close or to touch them because they are endangered.

  7. Josh said

    Oh, one more thing, whoever said life was fair? LOL!

  8. schlumpf84 said

    I have been to North Shore yesterday and do you know what? I saw a Green Turtle coming out of the sea! I took nearly 20 pictures of it! I will load it up for you….

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