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Posted by schlumpf84 on October 27, 2008

This Friday I went out for the first time here in Hawaii. We went to a discotheque called Zanzibar in Waikiki. It took nearly one hour to get in, but it was worth to wait! The club has two floors where they play hiphop and R&B. I went home very late and that was the problem on Saturday morning. I did not set the alarm and woke up at 11.30am…

On Saturday I went to town and spend nearly the whole day in the Ala Moana Shopping Center, because the weather was so gre4y and cloudy that we did not want to go to the beach.

I have been to the farmer market at the Aloha Stadium on Sunday and really enjoyed it. I bought a birds house for my new aapartment in Germany and hope that a bird will move in and I can feed it everyday :).  In the afternoon I had to do my homework and to check my emails. My host mom cooked a very tasty dinner with tofu and vegetables and rice. We put them in letters and wrapped it. Mmmhh… yummy!


9 Responses to “Rain”

  1. guenter1960 said


    what did you buy in Ala Moana?

  2. gvcholita said

    Linda did you like Zanzabar? What type of music do they play in there?

  3. marianacandia said

    Linda, Do you like your host family?

  4. schlumpf84 said

    I bought a T-Shirt, a necklace and two pairs of shoes 😉

  5. schlumpf84 said

    I really really like my host family! They behave kindly and I feel really comfortable to live here and looking forward to the next seven weeks! Also the food is very good and yammy :)!

  6. ninsl said

    I love it to spend my time in the Alomana Shopping Center. I could do that every day befor i go to the beach 🙂

  7. Josh said

    I’ve never been to Flee Market but I’d love to go.

  8. gvcholita said

    I don´t know if I want to go to the Zanzabar they told me and Mariana that people were not very nice and that the people usually have fights there.

  9. schlumpf84 said

    I can´t believe that there are fights in Zanzabar! The night we spend there was very peacful and everybody enjoyed dancing on the dancefloor…

    And the Flee Market is worth to go to if you want to buy bags, jewelry, towels and souveniers and things like that…

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