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[A Serendipidous]Weekend

Posted by guenter1960 on October 27, 2008

The weekend was for me very special. I had an invitation to visit the volleyball games at the university of Hawaii.  I got free tickets for the match on Friday and on Sunday. It was really thrilled. The signoras of the Hawaiin team played very good and won both matches.For me it was a not only the game that inspired me, but [also] the atmosphere. as well was [It was quite] formedable. I’m sure it will be not the last time I was in the stadium. Next time I’ll bring my camera with me and I’ll make a lot of pictures.


5 Responses to “[A Serendipidous]Weekend”

  1. gvcholita said

    Guenter I think you should also go to a Warriors game in the Aloha Stadium, they are great.

  2. marianacandia said

    Gunter, do you have a t-shirt of the UH??? jajja

  3. schlumpf84 said

    Hey Günther!
    Have you seen the farmer market around the Aloha Stadium? Or have you been to an other stadium or place to watch the game?

  4. ninsl said

    That sounds great. But i think its more interesting for me, when some boys play volley at the beach 🙂

  5. Josh said

    I think it’s so wonderful and serendipitous that strangers always invite you places or give you things. It must be due to your open and curious spirit. You truly have the “Aloha Spirit” and local people can sense it!

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