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Favorite Places in Hawaii

Posted by ninsl on October 29, 2008

I was in Hawaii 4 years ago and went traveling around the different islands. I’ve already been to Kauai, Big Island and Maui. My favorite place is, until now, the island of Kauai. Usually i don’t like it to hike. But you have to hike, when you go to Kauai. We hiked at the Waimea Canyon. It was breathtaking. We hiked down until two valleys are coming together. The fog was exactly leaving when we arrived at the lookout. It was amazing. I’ve never seen something special like this. I’ve some pictures at home in Switzerland. I would love to upload them. But i can’t. I recommend to fly to Kauai. It’s not as busy as Honolulu or Oahu is. It’s stressles and if you’re interested in nature, flowers or lizards you really should go to Kauai.

Then there is another favorite place. The Aloa Moana Shopping Center. It’s a oversized Shopping Center with endless numbers of stores. You could spend your hole day in the Shopping Center without seeing a store twice. I love that. But it’s dangerous for my moneybag. I try my best. But it’s hard to buy nothing…


4 Responses to “Favorite Places in Hawaii”

  1. guenter1960 said

    Thanks. I will visit Kauai in December.

  2. Josh said

    Kaua’i is magical! Waimea Canyon is breathtaking!

  3. gvcholita said

    I really want to go! We´ll go on December I am really looking forward to visit other islands.

  4. marianacandia said

    The Ala Moana Shopping Center is dangerous for my moneybag too. I love shopping!!

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