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guenters favourable place

Posted by guenter1960 on October 29, 2008

I love the combination between coffee and books.  A few weeks ago I found a bookstore at the Wardcenter, were I can rummage in books and have the possibility to drink coffee, too. The shop is open on the weekend til 12 at night. So I enjoy to visit the shop in the late evening. First I always walk through the different shelves and look for a interesting book. If I’ve found one,  I’ll  buy the book. Afterwards I walk to the coffee shop, which is inside the bookstore, and buy a delicious coffee. Now I’m the happiest man on earth to read the new exciting book and simultaneously drink the coffee.


5 Responses to “guenters favourable place”

  1. gvcholita said

    I´ve seen the place place before it has red letters for the name I want to go too is near from the movie theater and Dave and Busters I think.

  2. ninsl said

    That sounds good. I’d love to read a book, but i’ve to much things to do at the moment. Maybe i’ll start reading my new book, written in English, next week.

  3. marianacandia said

    Gunter, what book do you recommend for me?

  4. schlumpf84 said

    Hey Guenther,

    your description sounds good! Are you allowed to bring your own books in there, or do you buy everytime you go there a one?

  5. Josh said

    It’s Border’s Books, isn’t Guenter? I worked for one of their stores in California when I was in graduate school. They only hire cool people who really know book and who have at least one visible tattoo or piercing!

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