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Hanauma Bay, Montse’s favorite place

Posted by gvcholita on October 29, 2008

My favorite place in Oahu is Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve that is meant to be the Sanctuary for whales.

It is about 10 miles east of Waikiki just off the main coastal road and it is beautiful, it has a very clear water different deep blue tones, white sand and no rocks! that I think that is the best for me, I do not like Waikiki beaches because they have rocky sands and when you go in the water you are actually stepping on rocks. That is an important reason for me to have chosen Hanauma Bay as my favorite place around the island of Oahu.

I love Hanauma Bay because it has a beautiful landscape, I think the nicest view, you can even see the tip of  an archipelago far away. The sunset is beautiful, you can see a rainbow, the sky seems to be painted in different colors and the sun hiding underneath the ocean.

I think Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is very nice too because during winter is the home for whales and seas and you are able to see them there, not to dive with them because they are not near from the shore or the beach they are a bit far away but you can get to see them, and take some nice pictures it seems like if you are in Paradise lots of differnt fish species among many other sea animals that you can see while you take a snorkel tour, that I highly recommend!

I love Hanauma bay, I really think everybody will like it as well.


6 Responses to “Hanauma Bay, Montse’s favorite place”

  1. guenter1960 said

    Do you have pictures of Hanauma Bay?

  2. gvcholita said

    Yes I´ve uploaded two. So you can take a look Guenter.

  3. Josh said

    Did you see any turtles when you went snorkeling?

  4. marianacandia said

    I love those pictures!!

  5. ninsl said

    It’s a nice beach. And i think it’s the only beach, where it isn’t allowed to smoke.

  6. gvcholita said

    I think it´s not allowed to smoke because it is a natural preserved beach

    No I didn´t see any turtles, I just saw some turtles but at Sunset Beach.

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