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Adjective + Preposition Assessment

Posted by Josh on October 30, 2008

Directions: In the comment area beneath this post, write either a dialogue or short description/story (at least 200 words broken into at least 2 paragraphs) using 5 or more of the adjectives in the table below. Be sure to use the appropriate preposition with each. Satisfactory work will include the above mentioned criteria. Excellent work will include further adjective + preposition combinations as well as excellent punctuation and capitalization.























6 Responses to “Adjective + Preposition Assessment”

  1. gvcholita said

    DALILAH: Hi Sanson. How are you doing?
    SANSON: Fine thank you. I am excited about your final presentation explaining last Monday’s case about the murder. I think you had a great idea to make this presentation. It will make it easy to everybody else to understand the murder.

    DALILAH: Oh yes Thank you. I think I am very tired of all the investigation and research. Now I am proud of my work. I think I did it very well. I am thankful to all of you for helping with the research process.
    SANSON: No problem, I was very interested in helping you and interested in the murder case too. So I was involved in your project and finding it fascinating.

    DALILAH: Thank you very much, now I think I am capable of doing hard work always with the help of good team work.
    SANSON: Yes, of course you are! You are addicted to your job and your profession. You are a great lawyer and you are responsible for most of the good job we did as a team.

    DALILAH: My thought about the Court’s Resolution is that they will find him guilty of the murder, because all the evidences appoint him. What about you? Or what do you think will be the concept the Court will use to judge this murder case?
    SANSON: I also think that they will find him guilty for the murder and sentence him to 30 years of prison.

    DALILAH: Well, Sanson I need to go. It is late and I need to prepare everything for tomorrow’s presentation. So see you there. Have a nice evening.
    SANSON: Thank you Dalilah. Best of Luck for tomorrow. See you.

  2. schlumpf84 said


    Diana: Hey Julie, I am bored with the activities they offer at school this week.
    Julie: Oh, really? I can’t understand why, because I am involved in nearly every afternoon activity. On Saturday we are going to do skydiving, that’ ll be fun! Do you want to join us?
    Diana: I am so afraid of high, I could never do that! I am accustomed to normal things like hiking, lying on the beach go out for a drink and meetings at somebody’s home. But there is a party next week, I am excited about meeting everybody from school in Dukes. You need to tell me how your jump was and show me the pictures! I will be proud of you!
    Julie: Yes, I will! And if I am in town next week, I am interested in going to Dukes too.
    Diana: Oh, that’s fine! I would be happy about that and will tell you the specific date and place to meet, ok?
    Julie: Thank you for feeling responsible for me.
    Diana: Somebody told me yesterday, that the teacher at GV had a meeting and the thought to cancel afternoon classes! Wouldn’t that be great?
    Julie: Yes of cause, but do you know when they are going to teach the missing lessons?
    Diana: No, I have no idea, but we can ask tomorrow in school…
    Julie: Oh, I am late, I have to hurry up, otherwise my host mom will be worried about me.
    Diana: All right, see you tomorrow! Bye!
    Julie: Bye!

  3. marianacandia said

    LUIS: Hi Mariana. How are you?
    MARIANA: Fine thank you.
    LUIS: Your mom told me that you are in Hawaii. Is that true?
    MARIANA: Yes I am.
    LUIS: Do you like it?
    MARIANA: Yes. Now I am accustomed to America.
    LUIS: What do you do over there?
    MARIANA: I have a lot of things to do. I am busy with the school and my makeup classes.
    LUIS: Is it expensive?
    MARIANA: Yes of course. Everything is expensive. I have to be careful with my money.
    LUIS: I am really curious about Hawaii. Can I go and visit you?
    MARIANA: Of course you can!
    LUIS: Do you know if there’s some space available at Global Village for me?
    MARIANA: I am not sure about that, but I will ask.
    LUIS: What are the classes based on?
    MARIANA: The classes are based on grammar, speaking and listening.
    LUIS: Wow. Is it difficult?
    MARIANA: At the beginning I was very afraid of classes. Now I think it is not difficult. You will get used to it.
    LUIS: Ok. Let me think about that.
    MARIANA: You should come before I leave.
    LUIS: When do you leave?
    MARIANA: On December 8.
    LUIS: Oh, I have a great idea!! I can go from November 23 to December 8. What do you think?
    MARIANA: That’s great. See you then.

  4. guenter1960 said

    The story is a dialog between me (G) and me sister (K)
    G: Hi, my sister. How are you
    K: I’m fine. But I am a little disappointed with you.
    G: What’s the reason?
    K: You didn’t phone me the last 3 weeks.
    G: But you must not be concerned about me. I’m fine. I’m so proud of learning English so well.
    K: I know you are accustomed to be abroad. But I’m interested in your well being.
    G: And I’m a little disappointed about your children.
    K: Why are you disappointed about my children, because they are so cute?
    G: Because I haven’t got any e-mail since I’m in Honolulu.
    K. Don’t worry. They are famous for there laziness.
    G: I understand. When I was young it was the same mess. I was for example responsible for the house cleaning and forgot it all the time.
    K: So I think my children have some habits from you.
    G: Could be that some gens of me are in your children, too.
    K: Please tell me something about your teachers.
    G: I’m happy about my teachers. Because they are so handsome, even when I fail a test, they will help me again and again. Isn’t that wonderful?
    K: Sure it is. Are they well educated?
    G: I think they are. Especially one named Josh. He was a few years in Germany and so he understands the problems which German speakers have.
    K: Oh really. Could you give me more details about this guy?
    G: He is on the one hand a soldier and on the other hand a pacifist. It’s very difficult to explain.
    K: Is he rude?
    G: No, not at all. But sometimes he shocks the students with his powerful and fast manner.

  5. ninsl said

    I write about a conversation between my friend an me. He called me on my mobile during the morning to talk about something with me.

    Mark: Hi Nina, how are you? I was thinking of you, because i’m missing you.
    Nina: I’m fine thank you. Of course i miss you too. Right now I’m at school and can take a short break.
    Mark: I had an idea. What are you going to do on the 9th of November during the afternoon?
    Nina: I don’t know yet, why? (I thought, maybe he’ll come to Hawaii to visit me!!!!)
    Mark: Could you come to the airport for picking me up? I had a look at the flights and they are not that much expensive at the moment. So i thought it would be great to visit you in Honolulu.
    Nina: (speakless and smiling all over her face) I would be so happy about your visit. I can’t belive that you wanna do this. So sweet.
    Mark: But tell me, when you don’t want me to come.
    Nina: You should come to Hawaii. But i’ve to go to school in the morning. I won’t have the time to enjoy the hole day with you. But I’m a little bit frightend of your visit, because i think you could get bored of be alone. I’m afraid of that. And then you get tired of being here and that’s not what i want.
    Mark: Don’t be worried about that. I have to do some work during this two weeks. So i could work in the morning, during you’re at school. I’ve to write at my papers (he’s a little bit famous for his new theories about some economic things and he’s involved in many different projects and concepts about economic). It doesn’t depense where I am at that time. I’ll take my laptop with me, so i can work everywhere all over the world.
    Nina: That sounds good. I’m excited of hearing that. Both will work in the morning and in the afternoon and evening we can spend our time together. You Know, I’m still interested in visiting Maui and Kauai. We could do a little trip to those islands during you’re here.
    Mark: That’s a good idea. I’d love to see some other islands. But if you’re disappointed and you don’t want me to visit you, please let me know.
    Nina: Please stop saying this. That makes me feel guilty of your bad feelings. Mark, am tired of repeading this all the time: Please come to Hawaii.
    Mark: Ok, lets think about our plans and we’ll decide it tomorrow when we’re talking on skype.

  6. ramyleo said

    Dialogue between Tim and his mother

    Tim: Hey mom, I had a great idea for Dad’s birthday.

    Mother: Oh, really? What was it?

    Tim: I was thinking about a present which is not physical’s nature.

    Mother: Tell me more about it. I am very interested in.

    Tim: I remember he told us that he is worried about the present he got last year and would be happy about something new he would be excited about. What do you would like to jump out of an airplane? So would you be worried about if he jumped out of an airplane?

    Mother: Wow, I’m afraid of skydiving or jumping out of an aircraft, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be disappointed with that present. And I believe in that he would be very proud of himself after this challenge. We too of course. And maybe he will be addicted to skydiving after jumping… “That’s the risk we have,” she laughed.

    Tim: Cool, than we have to search for an agency where we can book the event.

    Mother: Ok, let’s have a look on the internet. We will find something for sure.

    Tim: Yes, let’s do it right now.

    Mother: Now I’m involved in that project.

    Tim: I’m not guilty of you’re decision…

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