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Barack for everybody!

Posted by schlumpf84 on November 5, 2008

Last night during the election, I had ants in my pants! I was so excited to see who is going to win… My wish came true and Obama has a large margin in votes. I saw 30 minutes of the election during the afternoon, but because of my cold, I went to bed taking a nap. My first thought during waking up was: I need to know what happened the last hours! I switched on the TV and CNN sayed “Obama won the most impotent and swinging states! So it’s no question any longer: Obama will be the next president of the United States!”. I felt so happy. It’s a clear sign of change that a black man, born in Hawaii becomes president with a huge support not only from African Americans, but from every kind of class, age and background. He stands for hope, power and believe in change ‘Yes. We can.’. Hopefully also the republic voters will accept him and trust in his plans and changes.

I’m very excited about his speech because I heard it in the radio and from everybody here in school that he did the best speech ever. But I’ll also will watch McCain’s speech to see how he cope with the defeat. It going to be a big movement and everybody should do their best to start this very important change.obama


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