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Happy Obama WednesDay!

Posted by gvcholita on November 5, 2008


In my opinion yesterday was the most expected day in the whole year, the day that will change theentire  world’s history. I’ve never thought about being myself in the United States in such an important day as Election’s Day. I think it was not only a common Election Day but instead it was a change in the whole world not only in America. Having Obama as the president of the United States means a change not only in this country but in the whole world and specially in Mexico as the neighbor country  and of course it affects me as I’m a Mexican.

I really enjoyed watching all the coloured people in the streets crying and really excited about Obama’s victory and I think this will be an after and before it is the first black President, it will end up with racism and the colour differences from now on everybody will be the same it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, yellow or whatever now everybody is just an American citizen.

I liked very much their speeches but specially Mccain’s speech he spoke very good, he now has come to be the gentleman he was before he started campaigning. He congratulate Obama and persuade his voters to really support Obama, even though all of his followers were really disappointed he encouraged them by saying thta Obama will do very good, he emphatized by saying that American had spoke and they’ve spoke clearly they wanted change and they’ll have a change. He thanked everybody who support him and showed his gratitude to all of them.

In my opinion he was not that bad defeated, in popular votes he did very good I think just 1% below Obama, so I think people liked him and believed in him but many young voters participated in election and they usually don’t get involved in this election, they don’t care about voting but yesterday they did go to vote and I think that was the main cause of Mccain’s failure against Obama.

Obama also gave a great speech he’s a very good speaker he has the power of the voice and he is really good with persuasion.

I think he’ll do very good everybody has all the hope in him. Hope he doesn’t disppoint all of the people that expects a lot from him.

He can do it!


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