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My feelings about Obama’s victory

Posted by ninsl on November 5, 2008

I heard about Obama’s victory at around 7 o’clock in the evening, while we’re having a big barbecue at our residence. I always hoped, that Obama will win, so I’m really happy now. But I was a little bit scared. I thought, maybe MC Cain wins because there are a lot of people who believes in his speeches. But, thank good, Obama won. It was very special to be here, in this country, during this special election. We talked about the election at school. It was interesting and helpfull to understand what’s going on in this big country.

But it’s really hard to describe my  feelings about the victory. First of all I’d like to see Obama and Mc Cain’s speech. Otherwise I can’t talk about my real feelings. I just saw the beginning of Obama’sspeech. The people were clapping during a long time and he said thank you, thank you. Again and again. It was breathtaking to see that. After all his fights he finally did it. That must be a great feeling. For Obama, his family and all the people who voted for Obama.  He looked very calm and confident. Impressive!I heard, that Mc Cain had a very good speech. He was decent and congratulated Obama.  I’m looking forward to see both full speeches.


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