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Big Island

Posted by schlumpf84 on November 10, 2008

Last week went to Big Island. The decision to go there happened last Wednesday while Ramona and Mirsade were talking about this trip. Spontaneously  Franzi and me joint in and had a wonderful weekend! On Monday we woke up early  in the morning, like 3am and while Franzi was taking a shower I read a few pages about Big Island. The flight took just 50 minutes and was on time. We rent a car for three days and started our trip in Hilo at the airport. We drove down the west coast and visited the Vulcano national park and saw the last active vulcane. Wesaw dust coming out of the creator and I was so exited before we went there, that it was a kind of disappointment for me. I thought you/ll see something spectacular….but it was worth to see! That’s impressing to see how huge a creator can get and for how long it keeps beeing active…

On fridaynight we drove back from Hilo to the south place where the lava hits the sea! That was great! We set on the cold black lava at a viewing point and just staring at the glowing lava flewing into the sea…I really enjoyed that moment when nobody talked and you’re just sitting there watching and try to fix this moment in your head to remember later….


And there are lots of storys from this weekend…

All in one:

It was brilliant!


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