GV Hawaii Adrift

Imagery and Language: Learning English; Adrift in Hawaii


Posted by ninsl on November 10, 2008

I was alone at the weekend. No, not really alone, but my girls left for visiting Big Island. So i had to look for other people. It wasn’t hard to find. I had a boys weekend. While we’re at the beach, we’re talking all the time about everything. It was interesting. On Friday I had a candle light dinner with a guy, but without a candle. So it was just a normal dinner. While we’re sitting next to each other, we’re having nice food. Thai food. It was very tasty and we had a lot to tell us. After eating we went to the Jazz minds. While drinking our rum coke some other friends came by and joined us. We had a great time, with good music and we laughed a lot.

On Saturday i slept until 12 o’clock. I needed that. Because during the week I can’t sleep because there;s always something to do. After sleeping we went to the beach again. In the evening we met us a t the cinema, had a good diner and good beer. While watching Madagascar 2, we’re eating popcorn and drinking big Cokes.

On Sunday we made a lazy day. Just lying at the beach and do nothing. In the evening we’re shopping at Waikiki. But I just bought sunglasses and a shirt. But i need to find a black skirt. I;m searching since 1 week, but i can’t find one. It;s always the same. When you’re looking for something special you just find everything else…..


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