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Weekend on Big Island

Posted by ramyleo on November 10, 2008

That was a really stressful Weekend for me. We already got up at 4 am and flew to Big Island for driving around the Island by car. First we visited the Vulcan in the park by day and in the evening we drove somewhere else we could watch it by night. Awfully it was too far away to see it clearly but I liked it. To see this strong orange color by nature was great!

We went to a black beach as well. That was the place I liked the most on this trip because while we were there, we could see the turtles lying on the beach. They look tired all the time. I think they’ve an easy life. The contrast of the plants and trees you could see there much more than if the beach’s colour is bright.

During the travel we had a lot to discuss about what we like to see. It’s not that easy all the time but I’m sure we did it well but of 5 girls! We had so much fun and we made so many pictures of all these nice places. Of course we made a little shopping tour as well. We wouldn’t be girls if we didn’t. :O)


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