GV Hawaii Adrift

Imagery and Language: Learning English; Adrift in Hawaii


Posted by schlumpf84 on November 12, 2008

Yesterday after school me and my friends went to the beach. Walking along the promenade and looking for the other girls lying somewhere, a boy asks if we want to play volleyball and join in their competition. We are relaxing on the beach, talking and taking a nap. After a while some of my friends and me decide to play and I’m trying my best to reach every ball. It’s not really working, because the sun shines into my face and I can’t really see the ball coming. I feel sorry about my mistakes and hope that the other player don’t avoid to flank the ball to me. After a few minutes I’m getting into the game and enjoy playing. Running and sweating in the sun is reasoning that I take a break and go swimming in the sea.  I note that I’m not fit anymore…. but I’m not wondering, after one month just eating and no exercise, I can’t anticipate something different. Hopefully I can play again and get my shape back in a few days or weeks ?!

I’m hungry now, so what should I eat? Me and a friend want to eat spaghetti with vegetables and tomato sauce, so we cook a big portion each and had a nice cold beer. I like this day, it is warm sunny and relaxing…


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