GV Hawaii Adrift

Imagery and Language: Learning English; Adrift in Hawaii


Posted by ninsl on November 12, 2008

I’m sitting outside the residence and then a lot of people came by. I didn’t know them. Because I’m still arriving after my three-week trip through the USA. The new people looked at me while I’m introducing myself. I don’t like that, everybody is starring at you. I didn’t feel comfortable in that situation. It was strange.  Then they introduced themselves. I’m smiling all the time, because it was funny to listen to them. Everybody has his own vernaculare. They telling me stories about the school and how it was for them on their first day at the residence. They were very friendly and after 30 minutes I felt like sitting outside with my friends. On the next day i had to go to school. While doing the test the teacher looked at us that we couldn’t cheat. Like they did it in our school in Switzerland. But I never cheated in any test. While smoking a cigarette outside the school a saw all the people from my residence. I talked to them again. And then I’m walking to the beach, when a nice man crossed the street.


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