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In Class Blog Assignment 11/19

Posted by gvjohnwhosurfs on November 19, 2008

Good morning, class.  Yesterday, we started working on making complaints and responding to them.  In this 20 minutes writing exercise, I would like you write a dialogue between the following two people:

Mrs. A is the manager at a company

Mr. B is a staff member who works for Mrs. A

It is now 9:30, and Mr. B has just walked into the office.   The scheduled work start time for all employees is 8:30.  This is the third time Mr. B has been late in 2 months.   Decide if this is a serious situation and design your conversation appropriately. 





After you have finished your conversation, please write a brief reflection on your ideas about being on time.  Is it important to you?  to people in your country?  why/why not?


13 Responses to “In Class Blog Assignment 11/19”

  1. karinu said

    A: Good morning B. It is already 9:30 – what is the reason for your delay?

    B: I’m so sorry, but there was a huge traffic jam. It was impossible to be here on time.

    A: Well, it’s actually the third time you’ve been late in 2 months. That’s not longer acceptable. A traffic jam during the rush hour is nothing unexpected. You’re responsible to leave your home at a appropriate time. Please notice that I issue a caution. The next delay is your last one.

    B: It will never happen again.

  2. yupiyupi77718 said

    A: Hi, Mr B. I need to talk with you.

    B: Good morning Mrs.A. How are you doing?

    A: You have been late 3 times in 2 months. I think that is too much. Do you have any excuse about it? I don’t want you to be fired. But If you continue your attitude like this, I can’t help you any more… You should think about it seriously, if you don’t want to lose your job.

    B: I’m so sorry about it. I’ll come on time.

  3. michelehaar said

    Mrs. A is the manager at a company

    Mr. B is a staff member who works for Mrs. A

    It is now 9:30, and Mr. B has just walked into the office.The scheduled work start time for all employees is 8:30. This is the third time Mr. B has been late in 2 months. Decide if this is a serious situation and design your conversation appropriately.

    A: Hallo Mr B, do you have a few minutes, I’d like to talk to you.

    B: For sure.

    A: Do you know, how often you was late, the last two month?

    B: Oh, I think one, or two times.

    A: Today it was the third time. It’s no problem, if you are one time late, but three
    times are too often.

    B: I’m so sorry, the next time I’ll be in time.

    A: Ok, I hope so, because it is very important to me, that everybody is in time.

    After you have finished your conversation, please write a brief reflection on your ideas about being on time. Is it important to you? to people in your country? why/why not?

    I think beeing in time is positive and if it’s possible to be in time, I’m nearly always in time.
    In Germany it’s very important to be in time, primarily in the jop, if you are late, more than one time, your boss will tell you that you have to be in time.
    I think it is necessary in German to be in time, because everybody, expect it, and the timetables, are mostly very strong and without many breaks.

  4. allan08 said

    A. Hello Mr. B, how are you?
    B. Ooo hi Mrs A, I am fine thanks, and you?
    A. I am ok, trouble with your car or anything?
    B. No, it is working fine, just got it fixed.
    A. That’s good, if it’s working so well, then maybe you could start it up a bit earlier next time!

    For me it’s very important to be in time, it is just good manner.
    In Sweden, being in time is important, it is just rude to be late, and i hope people in Sweden respect others.

  5. andreatoenz said

    A: Good morning Mr. B. It’s 9.30, why are you late again?
    B: Hey howzit?I’m sorry but this time it was not my fault. There was a lot of traffic, because of an accident.
    A: That’s the same explanation you already told me last week. I can’t accept your behavior anymore.
    B: I’m really sorry, it won’t happen again.
    A: I hope so. This is your last chance. Otherwise it will has serious consequences.

    For me it’s very important to be on time. I hate it when I’m too late. I think in Switzerland for the most people it’s important to be on time.
    Sometimes when the train is 2 or 3 minutes late, the people already start to complain. I think after my stay in Hawaii I will never ever complain about trains or buses:-)
    The dentist I worked for was always late but he expected that all his emloyees are on time. That’s weird. When we were 1 minute late we had a big problem with him. I’m happy that I don’t work for him anymore.

  6. guenter1960 said

    A:Good morning Mr.B
    B: Good morning Mrs.A
    A:Did something happen to you
    B: No, I’m fine
    A:I’m asking because you are the third time to late.
    B:I’m sorry but my alarm didn’t work.
    A:I think you should organize your morning activities in a better way
    B: Oh yes, you are right. It never will happen.

    For me personally it’s very important to be on time.
    In the world of business it’s impossible to plan your day properly, if some people don’t care to be on time.
    In Germany it’s common to be on time.

  7. hula33 said

    A: Good morning Mr B. Did you have sweet dreams?

    B: Hello Mrs B. I’m so sorry, but I missed the bus. I promise it won’t happen again!

    A: Could you please give me a call next time you are late? Someone needs to take care of your work!

    B: Sure, I give you my private cell phone number in case you find me.

    Being on time is not the most important thing in the world. But being late for a business meeting or another professional event can really be annoying if everyone else has to wait for you. That is especially because most people are very busy these days and they can’t afford to spend much time doing nothing at work. For private occasions being on time is less important to me though.

  8. schlumpf84 said

    A: Good morning Mr. B
    I’m sorry to reprove you, but it’s the third time you are late and I can’t justify it to my boss.
    B: Good morning Mrs. A. I understand you, but I don’t know why it happens all the time. Do I have the chance to prove that I can be on time?!
    A: I’m sorry, but I need the reliability of you to continue working on my projects. Can you understand that?!
    B: Yes I do. You’re right and I know that it’s my fault…
    A: I can offer you a lower position with less stress if you want to.
    B: Would be great! Thank you. Perhaps it’ll be better for me.
    A: I’m gonna talk to my boss and tell you what he thinks and if there’s a chance for you! Good luck.
    B: Thank you for your help! Bye
    A: Bye!

    Being on time is very important to me! It shows that you really want to do something and you’re serious with that. It’s also a sign of respect and decency. In Germany it has a big and important meaning.

  9. ninsl said

    A: Good Morning Mr. B. May you come up to my office in 15 minutes? That would be very kind of you.
    B: Good Morning Mr. A. Of course. I’ll be there.

    15 minutes later

    A: I’m really sorry for calling you to my office, but there is a little problem I got with your being late. It happened for three times in the last month and it shouldn’t get used to that. Because we need you in our company. It’s important that you’re on time. Clients are waiting for you and i don’t know how to explain them why you’re late. Do you understand that?

    B: Yes Sir. I absolutely understand that. But i have some problems with my children. They don’t wanna let me go in the morning, because her mother is visiting her parents in Switzerland for four weeks. So I had to wait for the Nanny, sadly she wasn’t one time. That’s the reason I’m late today.

    A: Ouh, why didn’t you tell me this. Then it would be absolutely ok when you’re a little bit late. But next time you should tell me earlier. Please.

    B: Ok, I’ll do that. Thank you so much for your understanding.

    brief reflection:
    I’m always one time. Like a typical Swissgirl 🙂 Mostly I’m to early around ten minutes. That’s why I hate it, when people aren’t one time. Sometimes I’ve to wait for twenty minutes because they’re to late and I’m to early. That makes me angry. So, as you see/read it’s very important for me that somebody is on time.

  10. yupiyupi77718 said

    In Japan, being on time is a very important in any scenes. If we are always late, we must loose our brief. we will be considered that we don’t have any respomsibility.

  11. joegre said

    Hello B. You’re late again; what happened today?

    First I’ve missed the bus; and then we stocked in a traffic jam.

    I see, you’d bad luck once more. But you see, this is the third time in the last eight weeks. It’s going to be a problem if this happens more often. So could you maybe find a way to evade such situations in the future?

    I’m thinking about buying a moped. This would make me more independent of bus schedules and traffic. I promise that I’ll find a solution on this. And for the important business meeting next Monday I’ll get up earlier in the morning, such that I’ll be on time whatever may happen.

    Being on time is very important in Switzerland. Most peoples count minutes. If I arrange a meeting at eight o’clock I mostly expect the peoples to be there at 8:00 at the latest. I think it makes a bad impression if somebody is used to be late. And of course, trains and even buses are almost always on time, so you usually have no excuse for being late.

  12. karinu said

    Thoughts about being on time:

    Punctuality is the politeness of princes and the courtesy of kings. Being on Hawaiian time is nothing for me, I need appointments I can rely on. Waiting for tardy people causes stress 🙂

    If I’m looking forward to a meeting I’m always too early at the rendezvous. If I’m late I always write a text message to apologize and announce the new arrival time.

    Of course, Switzerland is famous for its punctuality… so I’m familiar with being on time.

  13. isabel81 said

    A: Good morning, Mr. B! Could you please come to see me in my office in one hour? I’d like to talk to you in a specific matter.

    B: Of course, no problem!

    A: Thank you for coming. I just wanted to ask you, why you were late today and the other times in the last two months? As you may know, everybody at our company has to start at 8:30. This rule has been set by the Executive Management and it must be followed in general. In case you have to see your doctor or you are going to have another important meeting (for example visiting your dentist or something), I’d like you to ask me in advance. Of course it won’t be a problem. If there is a problem you want to tell me, please do not hesitate to come to me. Do you understand that?

    B: Yes, I do understand that. I had problems with my little son. Somehow he was afraid of going to the kindergarden and it was really a hard job to convince him to go. I am sorry of being late three times and promise to be punctual in future!

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