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in class writing assignment

Posted by gvjohnwhosurfs on November 24, 2008

aloha level 7 students,

i had a busy weekend!   on saturday, i had to work and i was out in the rain all day.  i was at a swim meet coaching my team.  i had a day off on sunday so i went surfing on the north shore.   the waves were really good and i was happy to get some exercise in the sun.   after that, i had some nice thai food with my wife. 

this week, we are practicing using the passive voice.   you have 20 minutes to write on the following topic. 

Describe an accident or a disaster that happened in your country or local town.  what happened?  when did it happen?  why did it happen?  how did it affect the community?     in your essay, try to use the passive voice at least 4 times!   good luck. 



8 Responses to “in class writing assignment”

  1. hula33 said

    Some years ago a armed man was able to get into a state parlament in Switzerland where he shot several representatives. All together 14 people were killed, 3 of them being government members who were also present at that time. The man was disguised as a policeman and committed suicide after his action.
    The entire country was shocked for days or even weeks. In response to this attack the security measures for the protection of the federal and local parlaments in Switzerland were much intensified. The murderers intention was revenge for a complaint he had made to the parlament which had not been accepted.

  2. schlumpf84 said

    A disaster happend in August 2002 in Dresden/Germany. The water swolled to the high of 9,40 meters and big areas of the town were flooded. The river which was raised because of havy rain is called Elbe. Many many people were suprised by the fast rising lake and had no chance to take care of theit belongings or to get their houses prepared. It affected the comunity in a very large area, even the whole country! The people living in Dresden were offered help from everywhere to rebuilt and clean the houses and the city. It was a good sign for the social fabric that everybody shower their compassion. After this flood the bunds were rebuilt and new ones were planned. The administration of Dresden was given a lot of money to spend it for beauty reparations.

  3. joegre said

    Heavy snowfall in Zurich

    Heavy snowfall was reported from all over Switzerland last weekend. Due to a low pressure system over Scandinavia snowfalls were brought to Middle Europe.
    Such situations are not unusual during wintertime. But every time it’s happening a lot of car accidents are made. Most of them are provoked by an unsuitable manner of driving.
    When so much snow falls tramways and buses in Zurich are usually prevented from being in time.

  4. yupiyupi77718 said

    In Japan, we have a lot of earthquakes. Because we have many active mountains and also Japan is on the pacific plates.The biggest one was happened about 15years ago. It happened in western part of Japan, it is called “hanshin daishinsai”.
    It was in the morning around 5am. The magnitude was more than 6.0.
    Many houses were broken, and a lot of people were under the houses.
    That was like a nightmare…
    After the earthquake, people who lost thier houses had to live in the shelters. But it was not so easy, especially for elder people.
    They missed not only their houses but also their neibors or friends.
    That must be very sad.

    We have some trainig for earthquake, but after that, preparerance for earthquake is considered more important than before, and we took about it seriousely.

  5. allan08 said

    the murder of Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime minister.

    the 28th of February, 1986 the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme was killed, he was walking with his wife Lisbeth and they were on there way home from an movie when he was shoot in the chest. They think they know which weapon the killer used, but they haven’t found it yet. There have been a lot of suspects during this time, but non of them have been convicted. This were and still is a big issue in Sweden, who is the killer?
    At this moment there are people still working with this case.

  6. isabel81 said

    Actually I can’t really remember a disaster or an accident in our village. Fortunately we live in an area which is quite safe. However, we are surrounded by mountains and there is also a big river running through our tiny country.

    But my father told me that we had a big forest burn in the year I was born. He remembers this day very well and even a film (video tape) of this disaster was made. It must have been dangerous to bring it in order and at the same time it was pretty impressive. The reason why the forest caught fire I can’t remember. But it is said to be the worst fire burn in Liechtenstein.

  7. karinu said

    Aloha together

    The mountain village Gondo was submerged by a huge landslide in the year 2000. This landslide was caused by heavy rainfalls during the month before. At least 8 houses were swept away by mud and rubbish and a third of the village was completely destroyed. Unfortunately, 13 of the 150 residents died at this fatal day.

    Over 72 million Swiss francs were collected by the “Glueckskette”, which is a organization for disaster management. The money was intended for fast and unbureaucratic help. The new face of Gondo was defined by an architecture contest.

  8. guenter1960 said

    Flooding in my town
    1992 my town was affected by a huge flooding. Over 4 days of heavy rainfall had caused a lot of damages. The town had been cut off by the floods. The help for the people was much to late.
    The fire department had been criticized for being to late for help. After the whole damage was visible the community had declared this flooding as the worst since 1850. Each person who had gotten damages received help from the community department. Since 1992 there have been made a lot of improvements, to secure the town.

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