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Obama won the election

Posted by ramyleo on March 10, 2009

Yesterday the big day came down and Barack Obama won the election and became the new President of the USA.

I was interested in the speeches of both of the candidates and watched them on CNN. I liked both of them. I think McCain made a good job as well behind the desk. But Obama was the better speaker during the whole election time. Sometimes I felt a bit strange because of the big words they used and the people looked as they were drugged even on Obama’s speech. I was really attired in it too, but I don’t like it if people goes over the top as there is nothing else on earth.  Then the expectations are too big and they lay on someone who has to make it comes true.

In the end I think the right one has won and we will see what the future will bring and if some things really changes or if there are so big differences to the actual situation. The hope lives in everyone who vote for Obama.

Go on and yes, you can…


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Relax weekend

Posted by yupiyupi77718 on March 10, 2009

I did nothing this weekend..

On Saturday, it was rainy whole day. That is like a Japanese rainy season that is the mostI don’t like..

My friend came over to my house,so we watched DVD, dyed my friend’s hair, and chatting.

After that, I went to my onother friend’s house to have BBQ. We had a good time.

We had great staek, alchohole. Besides that, they are all American so that was a very nice opportunity to speak English! I enjoyed a lot.

On Sunday, I had a new roommate. She is a KCC student and she seems very nice !

Afeter I met her, I went to my friend house and watch “WALL.E” which is a DVD that came out reacently.

That was very cute story, on the other hand, there was a liitle sad scene so I was almost cry…


Anyway, that was my weekend.

I did nothing special, but I relaxed and enjoyed the time with my friends!


Yumi CHishima

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Posted by michelehaar on March 10, 2009

Yesterday, I went to a beach at the east coast.
While I was driving at the highway, I saw an accident
Something terrible happened Two people are injured and everywhere fire and I don’t no what I have to do.

I stop my car and go out for looking what happened. One minute later the police and the fire service arrived.

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