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Relax weekend

Posted by yupiyupi77718 on March 10, 2009

I did nothing this weekend..

On Saturday, it was rainy whole day. That is like a Japanese rainy season that is the mostI don’t like..

My friend came over to my house,so we watched DVD, dyed my friend’s hair, and chatting.

After that, I went to my onother friend’s house to have BBQ. We had a good time.

We had great staek, alchohole. Besides that, they are all American so that was a very nice opportunity to speak English! I enjoyed a lot.

On Sunday, I had a new roommate. She is a KCC student and she seems very nice !

Afeter I met her, I went to my friend house and watch “WALL.E” which is a DVD that came out reacently.

That was very cute story, on the other hand, there was a liitle sad scene so I was almost cry…


Anyway, that was my weekend.

I did nothing special, but I relaxed and enjoyed the time with my friends!


Yumi CHishima


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