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Strange things seen in America.

Posted by joegre on November 23, 2008

This time I’d like to mention a few things that I’ve seen in this country which made me curious.

First of all I’d like to mention the cars here. I’ve heard that you get a fine if somebody in your car has no belt on, but it’s legal to carry peoples on the loading platform of your pickup on the Highway. Strange country.

But some stuff is really nice too. I like the ”rescue” surfboards of the lifeguards here. imgp1312I like the though that they rescue surfers with a surfboard; it’s somehow more organic then with a jet boat. So I see that it makes sense that lifeguards have surfboards. But what the hack do the firefighters have surfboards for? This looks like a joke:foto-0092So the local firefighters get the second place for being somewhat weird. But the first place belongs to something else: I mean I know this is a different country with a rich culture which might look strange to me. And I also know that fast food is an important part of the American Way of Life. BUT: Have you ever seen the haul down the flag ceremony at Burger King? It takes place every day at 6:15 p.m. Don’t believe it? Go to see it!imgp1321


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Posted by michelehaar on November 5, 2008

I can’t say much about Obama, because I wasn’t so interested in the election and I don’t know many things about the politics in the United States.

I only can say: I think it’s good that he won the election and I hope he can make a big change in the United States.

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Happy Obama WednesDay!

Posted by gvcholita on November 5, 2008


In my opinion yesterday was the most expected day in the whole year, the day that will change theentire  world’s history. I’ve never thought about being myself in the United States in such an important day as Election’s Day. I think it was not only a common Election Day but instead it was a change in the whole world not only in America. Having Obama as the president of the United States means a change not only in this country but in the whole world and specially in Mexico as the neighbor country  and of course it affects me as I’m a Mexican.

I really enjoyed watching all the coloured people in the streets crying and really excited about Obama’s victory and I think this will be an after and before it is the first black President, it will end up with racism and the colour differences from now on everybody will be the same it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, yellow or whatever now everybody is just an American citizen.

I liked very much their speeches but specially Mccain’s speech he spoke very good, he now has come to be the gentleman he was before he started campaigning. He congratulate Obama and persuade his voters to really support Obama, even though all of his followers were really disappointed he encouraged them by saying thta Obama will do very good, he emphatized by saying that American had spoke and they’ve spoke clearly they wanted change and they’ll have a change. He thanked everybody who support him and showed his gratitude to all of them.

In my opinion he was not that bad defeated, in popular votes he did very good I think just 1% below Obama, so I think people liked him and believed in him but many young voters participated in election and they usually don’t get involved in this election, they don’t care about voting but yesterday they did go to vote and I think that was the main cause of Mccain’s failure against Obama.

Obama also gave a great speech he’s a very good speaker he has the power of the voice and he is really good with persuasion.

I think he’ll do very good everybody has all the hope in him. Hope he doesn’t disppoint all of the people that expects a lot from him.

He can do it!

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Obama’s Victory Speech

Posted by Josh on November 5, 2008

read the full speech here.

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We Can Change: VOTE OBAMA

Posted by Josh on November 4, 2008

En Espanol

Yes We Can!

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Posted by Josh on October 31, 2008

Pronunciation: -lê-ween Hear it!

Part of Speech: Noun, proper

Meaning: The night before All Saints Day, when English-speaking children run about (if not amok) in scary costumes representing the menacing spirits of the dead. It is the tradition to play pranks on neighbors or offer them immunity from such pranks in exchange for treats, a practice known as “trick or treat”.

Notes: Today’s word is a blend of Allhallowmas and even, the predecessor of evening. The Catholic Church of England, like other churches, tried to preempt pagan holidays with holidays of its own. The Church chose the day of Samhain [so-win] as the vigil for their celebration of all the saints. Samhain was set at the end of summer and the onset of winter, the season of death. The Celts believed that on this night the spirits of the dead returned to mingle with those of the living. The confusion of the two holidays led many early English Catholics to believe that the dead arose on Halloween, too.

In Play: The result of this confusion was the odd combination of the profane and sacred we now celebrate on October 31 and, some of us, on November 1, too. The pumpkin lantern (jack-o’-lantern) was originally a hollowed turnip lantern placed in windows on Halloween to scare away the spirits of the dead that were supposed to wander about that night. The costumes children will wear tonight descend from the days when kids dressed up like those spirits, such as the skeleton, ghosts and goblins, to take advantage of the beliefs of their elders and play tricks on them.

Word History: Today’s word was originally All-Hallow Even “All-Saints Evening”, when hallow meant “holy” and “saint”. So Halloween is the evening before Catholic All Saints Day, when all the saints are celebrated. Some still spell it Hallowe’en, the apostrophe indicating the elision of the V in “even”. However, now that even has been replaced by evening, the apostrophe becomes pointless. Hallow comes from Middle English halwen, the descendant of Old English halgian. It derives from the same source as hale, as in hale and hearty, and the greeting, Hail! Hail is akin to heal and, more distantly, to German Heil “health, salvation”, a word used in those most unholy of salutes, Heil Hitler! and Sieg Heil! “Victory Hail!” used by the Nazis during World War II.

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Favorite Places in Hawaii

Posted by ninsl on October 29, 2008

I was in Hawaii 4 years ago and went traveling around the different islands. I’ve already been to Kauai, Big Island and Maui. My favorite place is, until now, the island of Kauai. Usually i don’t like it to hike. But you have to hike, when you go to Kauai. We hiked at the Waimea Canyon. It was breathtaking. We hiked down until two valleys are coming together. The fog was exactly leaving when we arrived at the lookout. It was amazing. I’ve never seen something special like this. I’ve some pictures at home in Switzerland. I would love to upload them. But i can’t. I recommend to fly to Kauai. It’s not as busy as Honolulu or Oahu is. It’s stressles and if you’re interested in nature, flowers or lizards you really should go to Kauai.

Then there is another favorite place. The Aloa Moana Shopping Center. It’s a oversized Shopping Center with endless numbers of stores. You could spend your hole day in the Shopping Center without seeing a store twice. I love that. But it’s dangerous for my moneybag. I try my best. But it’s hard to buy nothing…

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Hanauma Bay, Montse’s favorite place

Posted by gvcholita on October 29, 2008

My favorite place in Oahu is Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve that is meant to be the Sanctuary for whales.

It is about 10 miles east of Waikiki just off the main coastal road and it is beautiful, it has a very clear water different deep blue tones, white sand and no rocks! that I think that is the best for me, I do not like Waikiki beaches because they have rocky sands and when you go in the water you are actually stepping on rocks. That is an important reason for me to have chosen Hanauma Bay as my favorite place around the island of Oahu.

I love Hanauma Bay because it has a beautiful landscape, I think the nicest view, you can even see the tip of  an archipelago far away. The sunset is beautiful, you can see a rainbow, the sky seems to be painted in different colors and the sun hiding underneath the ocean.

I think Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is very nice too because during winter is the home for whales and seas and you are able to see them there, not to dive with them because they are not near from the shore or the beach they are a bit far away but you can get to see them, and take some nice pictures it seems like if you are in Paradise lots of differnt fish species among many other sea animals that you can see while you take a snorkel tour, that I highly recommend!

I love Hanauma bay, I really think everybody will like it as well.

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Favorite places in Hawaii

Posted by ramyleo on October 28, 2008

I came to Hawaii just a little longer than one week ago so I think I’m feeling a bit jet-lagged even now. So I haven’t seen a lot. I was at Duke’s and at Moose’s and on different beaches, which I liked. The Food at Duke’s was really good. But they served too much [the portions were too large] and we were tired again after dinner so we went home. Usually we go to the “Army Beach;” I don’t know what the right name is of that place, but it’s not so far and I really like to go to this beach after the class for swimming, relaxing and maybe playing beach volleyball. I hope I will get to explore more beautiful places in the next few weeks.

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Local Culture

Posted by Josh on October 28, 2008

Local Culture
Thanks to its convenient position in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not to mention its tropical beauty, Hawaii has attracted people from a vast array of ethnic backgrounds. This has earned its moniker as “the melting pot of the Pacific,” merging the kama’aina into their own unique culture.

One of the first things newcomers notice is the way locals speak – their inflections and their slang. Many locals speak pidgin, a special dialect that originated in the old plantations blending Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Filipino and English words into a new concoction of colloquialisms.

Pidgin is more than just words; it’s a relaxed way of talking. The first step to understanding pidgin’s vocabulary and how to use it, however, can be learned through books such as Pidgin to Da Max or the Da Kine Dictionary. Online instruction is also available through Web sites like http://www.extreme-hawaii.com/pidgin.

In addition to dialect, locals have a different way of giving directions. Instead of using north, south, east, and west, expect to receive (and give) location advice using mauka (toward the mountains), makai (toward the ocean), Ewa (west) and Diamond Head (east).

Local CultureWhen driving, giving and receiving the aloha spirit is always appreciated. It’s been noted that Hawaii drivers tend to let others merge into their lanes easily, and drive at a more relaxed pace than the mainland. Allowing pedestrians to cross the street completely before you make a turn, however, is not just being courteous – it’s the law.

One very important custom is to remove your footwear before entering someone’s home. Usually at parties you will see a myriad of shoes, sandals, and slippers strewn outside the door; follow suit and you will fit in perfectly. (By the way, they are called “slippers,” not flip flops or thongs.)

On that note: whenever you attend a party at someone’s home, especially a pot luck, don’t show up empty handed. If it’s not a pot luck, a form of food or drink for the host is always offered, even if it is not something they will consume at the party.

Everyone loves celebrations, but in Hawaii they go off with a bang. Chinese New Year, birthday parties, grand openings, the Fourth of July and especially New Year’s Eve spur strings of firecrackers – provided, of course, you have a permit. The idea behind firecrackers is to scare off any evil spirits so that you can be assured of good luck for your home or business for the coming year.

Speaking of spirits, don’t be alarmed if people speak of the supernatural and paranormal in casual terms. Local folklore, ancient myth, and cultural superstitions also bring Hawaii people together through common understanding. Don’t take lava rocks home; avert your eyes if you see a procession of drums and torches coming from the mountains; don’t stand your chopsticks in your rice, and always keep some Hawaiian salt in the house – not just for cooking, but to help with any metaphysical needs as well.

The most important thing to remember: relax, you’re in Hawaii. Share your customs with your neighbors as they share them with you, and you just may start a new tradition.

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Posted by marianacandia on October 27, 2008

This weekend I didn’t do anything special. I stayed in Honolulu and because it was raining the whole time so I couldn’t go to the beach.

On Friday, I went to eat at Islands where I had the best hamburger ever!!! I really think that Islands is the best restaurant for hamburgers. In the afternoon, I went to Dave’s residence to have dinner and then we all went to Lotus  for 80’s Night. I didn’t like the ambiance at Lotus because all the people were very drunk. However, did manage to have some fun looking at all the interesting 80s fashion people were wearing. 

On Saturday, I stayed in my apartment all day long and I just went out to have dinner at Lulu’s  with some friends.

On Sunday,  I went to the Island Colony Hotel with my friends and we went in the jacuzzi and then we went to Jack in the box to have dinner.

That was my weekend!!! It was not the best ever but I had a good time! I believe that in Hawaii you can’t ever really have a bad weekend.

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Hawaiian rainy weekend

Posted by gvcholita on October 27, 2008

This weekend was a rainy weekend in Hawaii and it was a lazy weekend as well. On Friday we just went to have something for lunch at the Islands, and by the way, it is a very good restaurant on the Ala Moana. It is a great place for good burgers. I love it! We went with some friends and after that we went to Mai Tai Bar just in front of Islands for a drink and then we just do some shopping and went home. I took a shower and went to a BBQ for dinner at Kapiolani Residence. It was fun. After eating we went to a night club called Lotus for 80’s night and I did not like it at all, drunk people everywhere, raunchy dancing, and we left early and we went to our apartment to sleep.

On Saturday we slept in late; almost til 2 o’clock in the afternoon and just had something for lunch at home. After we went to Mass at St. Augustine’s by the Sea in Waikiki. Then we went to Island Colony to one of our friends apartment and just hung out and chatting for a few hours. After that we went to have dinner at Lulu’s, a nice restaurant in Waikiki. After we just left and sleep.

On Sunday it was raining so we stayed in our apartment where we had breakfast. Then we just do some cleaning and our laundry. In the evening? we went to Island Colony to the pool and the jacuzzi with our friends and after that we had dinner in Jack in the box, which I love!

I had fun during the weekend but not as much as if would be a sunny weekend as it is usually.

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First Weekend in Hawaii

Posted by ramyleo on October 27, 2008

It was my first Weekend in Hawaii. It was raining. Everybody said that it was the first time for months and it was necessary for the environment. Of course it is. But why when I am going [had planned] to discover the Island by car! That’s not fair…

Although we went to the North-shore to Sunset Beach and we drove as well to the East side [windward side as well]. Once we saw a turtle nearby the beach, but it didn’t went out of the water. I really like turtles. I would like to dive with them.

After these? trips we all felt very tired and were not able to go somewhere. So next Weekend we decided to stay here and just relaxing a little bit. Maybe this time? we will go out to having a party and I hope the weather is much better [so that we are able] to go to the beach every time we like‘d to go .

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First Weekend in Oahu

Posted by ninsl on October 27, 2008

On Friday night we went out for dinner at Dukes. The food was good and we had a lot of fun. After dinner, we had a drink at Lulus. First we thought about going to Lotus, but we were to tired and had do get up at 7.30 on Saturday morning. We rented a car for Saturday and Sunday. The first stop we made at the Hanama Bay. We snorkeld for one hour and I saw a lot off fishes with different colors. It was really nice but the sun wasn’t really shining. The sky was full of clouds and sometimes it was rainy while we were liying on the beach. :-((((

In the afternoon we stopped at the Kailua Beachpark. The beach is very nice, but not when it’s raining. So we came back to Honolulu to shop. In the evening we cooked dinner at our residence and had a good time at home.

On Sundays the weather was still horrible. We drove to the North Shore to find some turtles. We saw a lot of turtles, but they didn’t come out of the water. We had to eat shrimp. Wow! Fresh shrimp with garlic,. It was the best thing i eated since i’m here.

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[A Serendipidous]Weekend

Posted by guenter1960 on October 27, 2008

The weekend was for me very special. I had an invitation to visit the volleyball games at the university of Hawaii.  I got free tickets for the match on Friday and on Sunday. It was really thrilled. The signoras of the Hawaiin team played very good and won both matches.For me it was a not only the game that inspired me, but [also] the atmosphere. as well was [It was quite] formedable. I’m sure it will be not the last time I was in the stadium. Next time I’ll bring my camera with me and I’ll make a lot of pictures.

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