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Obama won the election

Posted by ramyleo on March 10, 2009

Yesterday the big day came down and Barack Obama won the election and became the new President of the USA.

I was interested in the speeches of both of the candidates and watched them on CNN. I liked both of them. I think McCain made a good job as well behind the desk. But Obama was the better speaker during the whole election time. Sometimes I felt a bit strange because of the big words they used and the people looked as they were drugged even on Obama’s speech. I was really attired in it too, but I don’t like it if people goes over the top as there is nothing else on earth.  Then the expectations are too big and they lay on someone who has to make it comes true.

In the end I think the right one has won and we will see what the future will bring and if some things really changes or if there are so big differences to the actual situation. The hope lives in everyone who vote for Obama.

Go on and yes, you can…


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Relax weekend

Posted by yupiyupi77718 on March 10, 2009

I did nothing this weekend..

On Saturday, it was rainy whole day. That is like a Japanese rainy season that is the mostI don’t like..

My friend came over to my house,so we watched DVD, dyed my friend’s hair, and chatting.

After that, I went to my onother friend’s house to have BBQ. We had a good time.

We had great staek, alchohole. Besides that, they are all American so that was a very nice opportunity to speak English! I enjoyed a lot.

On Sunday, I had a new roommate. She is a KCC student and she seems very nice !

Afeter I met her, I went to my friend house and watch “WALL.E” which is a DVD that came out reacently.

That was very cute story, on the other hand, there was a liitle sad scene so I was almost cry…


Anyway, that was my weekend.

I did nothing special, but I relaxed and enjoyed the time with my friends!


Yumi CHishima

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Posted by michelehaar on March 10, 2009

Yesterday, I went to a beach at the east coast.
While I was driving at the highway, I saw an accident
Something terrible happened Two people are injured and everywhere fire and I don’t no what I have to do.

I stop my car and go out for looking what happened. One minute later the police and the fire service arrived.

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in class writing assignment

Posted by gvjohnwhosurfs on November 24, 2008

aloha level 7 students,

i had a busy weekend!   on saturday, i had to work and i was out in the rain all day.  i was at a swim meet coaching my team.  i had a day off on sunday so i went surfing on the north shore.   the waves were really good and i was happy to get some exercise in the sun.   after that, i had some nice thai food with my wife. 

this week, we are practicing using the passive voice.   you have 20 minutes to write on the following topic. 

Describe an accident or a disaster that happened in your country or local town.  what happened?  when did it happen?  why did it happen?  how did it affect the community?     in your essay, try to use the passive voice at least 4 times!   good luck. 


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Guenters weekend

Posted by guenter1960 on November 23, 2008

First of all it was a wonderful weekend. Why?

On Friday afternoon after school I went to the Stan Sheriff Center. Once again my Hawaiian friends invited me to a volleyball match. It was the WAC Volleyball Tournament. The Rainbow Wahines played against Idaho. The match was very close and at the end The Wahines won after 3 sets.

On Saturday I was invited to the festival “In-House-Bridge of Friendship”. The festival was organized by  Shinnyo-en  which is a Japanese-based Buddhist sect, where I’m be a member already. The festival included two videos and different speeches. At the end of the festival there was a complementary lunch for all visitors.

On Sunday morning I attended the Shinnyo-en service at the temple. After the service my friends invited me again to a volleyball game. It was the final between New Mexico and Rainbow Wahines. It was a very exciting match. More than 5000 visitors shouted for the Wahines. During the game I got very hungry. I decided to buy some food in the arena. It was for me the first time that I tried garlic fries. I can tell you it’s delicious. Anyway, the Rainbow Wahines won the match in 3 to 1 sets and got the cup. With standing ovations the visitors celebrated the winners.

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In Class Blog Assignment 11/19

Posted by gvjohnwhosurfs on November 19, 2008

Good morning, class.  Yesterday, we started working on making complaints and responding to them.  In this 20 minutes writing exercise, I would like you write a dialogue between the following two people:

Mrs. A is the manager at a company

Mr. B is a staff member who works for Mrs. A

It is now 9:30, and Mr. B has just walked into the office.   The scheduled work start time for all employees is 8:30.  This is the third time Mr. B has been late in 2 months.   Decide if this is a serious situation and design your conversation appropriately. 





After you have finished your conversation, please write a brief reflection on your ideas about being on time.  Is it important to you?  to people in your country?  why/why not?

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This is the English School I Worked for in China! So Funny!`

Posted by Josh on November 14, 2008

More Bondage for English First

In early 2007 English First (an English training school) was running this ad in Shanghai:

English teacher, or...?

What kind of message is that sending?

Apparently they later decided that they needed to make sure that the foreign teacher in the ad was more mature (and perhaps had better eyesight), and that the teachers they pimped provided equal bondage opportunities for both sexes. These are the ads they’re running now:



Conclusion: English First is a company with a progressive attitude towards advertising, based on the firm principles of purple backgrounds and bondage.


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Guenters story using present tense

Posted by guenter1960 on November 12, 2008

My dear friend, I have a exciting story for you! This story begins which happened to me last week.  Imagine this, I’m walkinged very slowly through Waikiki when .  And suddenly I seeaw 3 nice Japanese women coming from out the Aapple Sstore. One women woreais wearing a beautiful nice dress and hasd long brownain hair. Suddenly the women with the nice dress she says to me, o“Oh can you help us to find Moose’s bar“?. And respond to her,, o “Of course! Iit’s on my way. Cme with me.” So I’m walking with the 3 women in direction totoward Moose’s ba and as we r. During the walk weI have a very interesting conversation with the 3 Japanese women’s. We were discussing about the culture in Japan.  When we arrived at the bar, one of the women asks,says to me. Oh would you like to come with us in the bar?.Of course,” I admitted. In the bar we are dancing and talking and drinking for more than 3 hours.  The time is passinged very fast. At the end the women with the nice dress said to meFinally the woman in the beautiful dress ask if I would. Oh would you walk them to theibring us to our hotel. Of course I woulddid. So we lare leaveing the bar, singing during theand walk and having so much fun together as we walk. When we arrive atd the hotel, they invited me up to their room for a coffee. in  their room. While As we drinkdrinking coffee we are discussing about the difference between Japanese women and German women.

The end of the story I’ll tell you later.I’ll tell you the end later….

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Posted by joegre on November 12, 2008

When I was younger, I used to do skiing. It’s quite normal in Switzerland to do that. I just take my skis or my snowboard and go to the mountains. As far as I remember, there’s always snow in the mountains in wintertime. So it’s just natural to go there. I get on my skis, chatch the ski lift and enjoy the downhill part. Of course, sometimes it’s pretty cold there. You have to get on with that.

I remember that I was always lucky when we had a lunchtime break. It’s a pleasure to warm up with a warm meal. I like this moments of calm before the storms when you sit in the restaurant and try to recover before you go out again. — Well, when looking back the food seems to be better then he really was. But that’s an other story.

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Posted by schlumpf84 on November 12, 2008

Yesterday after school me and my friends went to the beach. Walking along the promenade and looking for the other girls lying somewhere, a boy asks if we want to play volleyball and join in their competition. We are relaxing on the beach, talking and taking a nap. After a while some of my friends and me decide to play and I’m trying my best to reach every ball. It’s not really working, because the sun shines into my face and I can’t really see the ball coming. I feel sorry about my mistakes and hope that the other player don’t avoid to flank the ball to me. After a few minutes I’m getting into the game and enjoy playing. Running and sweating in the sun is reasoning that I take a break and go swimming in the sea.  I note that I’m not fit anymore…. but I’m not wondering, after one month just eating and no exercise, I can’t anticipate something different. Hopefully I can play again and get my shape back in a few days or weeks ?!

I’m hungry now, so what should I eat? Me and a friend want to eat spaghetti with vegetables and tomato sauce, so we cook a big portion each and had a nice cold beer. I like this day, it is warm sunny and relaxing…

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Posted by ninsl on November 12, 2008

I’m sitting outside the residence and then a lot of people came by. I didn’t know them. Because I’m still arriving after my three-week trip through the USA. The new people looked at me while I’m introducing myself. I don’t like that, everybody is starring at you. I didn’t feel comfortable in that situation. It was strange.  Then they introduced themselves. I’m smiling all the time, because it was funny to listen to them. Everybody has his own vernaculare. They telling me stories about the school and how it was for them on their first day at the residence. They were very friendly and after 30 minutes I felt like sitting outside with my friends. On the next day i had to go to school. While doing the test the teacher looked at us that we couldn’t cheat. Like they did it in our school in Switzerland. But I never cheated in any test. While smoking a cigarette outside the school a saw all the people from my residence. I talked to them again. And then I’m walking to the beach, when a nice man crossed the street.

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Posted by ramyleo on November 12, 2008

I’m walking to the beach with friends when we decided to take an other way this time. Usually we walk along the main street but that day we wanted to know if there’s a shorter possibility to get there . So we are walking through the lobby of a famous hotel. When we are passing the shops in it we saw a few flamingos, penguins and small turtles. We are looking at these beautiful animals and went further. The way was not that long as all the times before. Maybe it’s just because of the new things we saw maybe our feeling is fooling us and we just believed to get our destination earlier. We are not looking to the watch so we still don’t know if the way was shorter or not.

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Big Island

Posted by schlumpf84 on November 10, 2008

Last week went to Big Island. The decision to go there happened last Wednesday while Ramona and Mirsade were talking about this trip. Spontaneously  Franzi and me joint in and had a wonderful weekend! On Monday we woke up early  in the morning, like 3am and while Franzi was taking a shower I read a few pages about Big Island. The flight took just 50 minutes and was on time. We rent a car for three days and started our trip in Hilo at the airport. We drove down the west coast and visited the Vulcano national park and saw the last active vulcane. Wesaw dust coming out of the creator and I was so exited before we went there, that it was a kind of disappointment for me. I thought you/ll see something spectacular….but it was worth to see! That’s impressing to see how huge a creator can get and for how long it keeps beeing active…

On fridaynight we drove back from Hilo to the south place where the lava hits the sea! That was great! We set on the cold black lava at a viewing point and just staring at the glowing lava flewing into the sea…I really enjoyed that moment when nobody talked and you’re just sitting there watching and try to fix this moment in your head to remember later….


And there are lots of storys from this weekend…

All in one:

It was brilliant!

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Guenter’s weekend

Posted by guenter1960 on November 10, 2008

The last weekend I was twice at the temple. On Saturday I had Okocha, what means helping the people who were visiting  the service. So I had for example to help if somebody needed a earphone.  After the service we were cleaning the temple, moving the chairs or cleaning the carpet.  It was really a pleasure for me, especially to help the older people.

On Sunday I was visiting the service and enjoyed the festival which started after the service. At the festival there was a delicious lunch included and after the lunch we could hear a nice music. While I was participating the festival I had the possibility to talk with different Hawaiian citizens.

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Weekend on Big Island

Posted by ramyleo on November 10, 2008

That was a really stressful Weekend for me. We already got up at 4 am and flew to Big Island for driving around the Island by car. First we visited the Vulcan in the park by day and in the evening we drove somewhere else we could watch it by night. Awfully it was too far away to see it clearly but I liked it. To see this strong orange color by nature was great!

We went to a black beach as well. That was the place I liked the most on this trip because while we were there, we could see the turtles lying on the beach. They look tired all the time. I think they’ve an easy life. The contrast of the plants and trees you could see there much more than if the beach’s colour is bright.

During the travel we had a lot to discuss about what we like to see. It’s not that easy all the time but I’m sure we did it well but of 5 girls! We had so much fun and we made so many pictures of all these nice places. Of course we made a little shopping tour as well. We wouldn’t be girls if we didn’t. :O)

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