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Dusk in Waikiki

Posted by Josh on October 22, 2008




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Obama won the election

Posted by ramyleo on March 10, 2009

Yesterday the big day came down and Barack Obama won the election and became the new President of the USA.

I was interested in the speeches of both of the candidates and watched them on CNN. I liked both of them. I think McCain made a good job as well behind the desk. But Obama was the better speaker during the whole election time. Sometimes I felt a bit strange because of the big words they used and the people looked as they were drugged even on Obama’s speech. I was really attired in it too, but I don’t like it if people goes over the top as there is nothing else on earth.  Then the expectations are too big and they lay on someone who has to make it comes true.

In the end I think the right one has won and we will see what the future will bring and if some things really changes or if there are so big differences to the actual situation. The hope lives in everyone who vote for Obama.

Go on and yes, you can…

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Relax weekend

Posted by yupiyupi77718 on March 10, 2009

I did nothing this weekend..

On Saturday, it was rainy whole day. That is like a Japanese rainy season that is the mostI don’t like..

My friend came over to my house,so we watched DVD, dyed my friend’s hair, and chatting.

After that, I went to my onother friend’s house to have BBQ. We had a good time.

We had great staek, alchohole. Besides that, they are all American so that was a very nice opportunity to speak English! I enjoyed a lot.

On Sunday, I had a new roommate. She is a KCC student and she seems very nice !

Afeter I met her, I went to my friend house and watch “WALL.E” which is a DVD that came out reacently.

That was very cute story, on the other hand, there was a liitle sad scene so I was almost cry…


Anyway, that was my weekend.

I did nothing special, but I relaxed and enjoyed the time with my friends!


Yumi CHishima

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Posted by michelehaar on March 10, 2009

Yesterday, I went to a beach at the east coast.
While I was driving at the highway, I saw an accident
Something terrible happened Two people are injured and everywhere fire and I don’t no what I have to do.

I stop my car and go out for looking what happened. One minute later the police and the fire service arrived.

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Dude, Brah

Posted by Josh on January 25, 2009

How dudes in Cali really speak.
clipped from www.youtube.com

  blog it

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Linda’s Sunday

Posted by schlumpf84 on November 24, 2008

My Sunday began very relaxed. I had a nice breakfast and enough time to shower and get ready…Then Franzi and me took a bus (# 5) to the Manoa Falls and had a hike up there. That was real fun! It’ just a 3-4 miles hike, but it was enough for our lazy and out of shape bodies 🙂 ! We got up there very slow and stopped nearly every few steps to take photos…of plants, plants and the waterfall. We had a little picnic with brownies and enjoyed the waterfall. Back in town we had a coffee and went shopping in the Ala Moana Centre. All in one, it was a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and a perfect end of the week…

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in class writing assignment

Posted by gvjohnwhosurfs on November 24, 2008

aloha level 7 students,

i had a busy weekend!   on saturday, i had to work and i was out in the rain all day.  i was at a swim meet coaching my team.  i had a day off on sunday so i went surfing on the north shore.   the waves were really good and i was happy to get some exercise in the sun.   after that, i had some nice thai food with my wife. 

this week, we are practicing using the passive voice.   you have 20 minutes to write on the following topic. 

Describe an accident or a disaster that happened in your country or local town.  what happened?  when did it happen?  why did it happen?  how did it affect the community?     in your essay, try to use the passive voice at least 4 times!   good luck. 


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Strange things seen in America.

Posted by joegre on November 23, 2008

This time I’d like to mention a few things that I’ve seen in this country which made me curious.

First of all I’d like to mention the cars here. I’ve heard that you get a fine if somebody in your car has no belt on, but it’s legal to carry peoples on the loading platform of your pickup on the Highway. Strange country.

But some stuff is really nice too. I like the ”rescue” surfboards of the lifeguards here. imgp1312I like the though that they rescue surfers with a surfboard; it’s somehow more organic then with a jet boat. So I see that it makes sense that lifeguards have surfboards. But what the hack do the firefighters have surfboards for? This looks like a joke:foto-0092So the local firefighters get the second place for being somewhat weird. But the first place belongs to something else: I mean I know this is a different country with a rich culture which might look strange to me. And I also know that fast food is an important part of the American Way of Life. BUT: Have you ever seen the haul down the flag ceremony at Burger King? It takes place every day at 6:15 p.m. Don’t believe it? Go to see it!imgp1321

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Guenters weekend

Posted by guenter1960 on November 23, 2008

First of all it was a wonderful weekend. Why?

On Friday afternoon after school I went to the Stan Sheriff Center. Once again my Hawaiian friends invited me to a volleyball match. It was the WAC Volleyball Tournament. The Rainbow Wahines played against Idaho. The match was very close and at the end The Wahines won after 3 sets.

On Saturday I was invited to the festival “In-House-Bridge of Friendship”. The festival was organized by  Shinnyo-en  which is a Japanese-based Buddhist sect, where I’m be a member already. The festival included two videos and different speeches. At the end of the festival there was a complementary lunch for all visitors.

On Sunday morning I attended the Shinnyo-en service at the temple. After the service my friends invited me again to a volleyball game. It was the final between New Mexico and Rainbow Wahines. It was a very exciting match. More than 5000 visitors shouted for the Wahines. During the game I got very hungry. I decided to buy some food in the arena. It was for me the first time that I tried garlic fries. I can tell you it’s delicious. Anyway, the Rainbow Wahines won the match in 3 to 1 sets and got the cup. With standing ovations the visitors celebrated the winners.

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Predictive Text Video- Funny

Posted by Josh on November 23, 2008

Hello guys! This is Josh; I miss you all! But every once and awhile I come upon something I just have to share with you. This is a funny video on cell phone predictive text. Enjoy!

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In Class Blog Assignment 11/19

Posted by gvjohnwhosurfs on November 19, 2008

Good morning, class.  Yesterday, we started working on making complaints and responding to them.  In this 20 minutes writing exercise, I would like you write a dialogue between the following two people:

Mrs. A is the manager at a company

Mr. B is a staff member who works for Mrs. A

It is now 9:30, and Mr. B has just walked into the office.   The scheduled work start time for all employees is 8:30.  This is the third time Mr. B has been late in 2 months.   Decide if this is a serious situation and design your conversation appropriately. 





After you have finished your conversation, please write a brief reflection on your ideas about being on time.  Is it important to you?  to people in your country?  why/why not?

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This is the English School I Worked for in China! So Funny!`

Posted by Josh on November 14, 2008

More Bondage for English First

In early 2007 English First (an English training school) was running this ad in Shanghai:

English teacher, or...?

What kind of message is that sending?

Apparently they later decided that they needed to make sure that the foreign teacher in the ad was more mature (and perhaps had better eyesight), and that the teachers they pimped provided equal bondage opportunities for both sexes. These are the ads they’re running now:



Conclusion: English First is a company with a progressive attitude towards advertising, based on the firm principles of purple backgrounds and bondage.


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Por Las Chicanas

Posted by Josh on November 14, 2008

Is this true?


Via a comment by vacapinta in this AskMetaFilter thread (well worth reading in its own right), I found Yuri’s blog Effective Swearing in D.F. (“Towards a Manual of Communication for English Speakers visiting Mexico City”), a continuing examination of how chilangos (inhabitants of Mexico City) have fun with their marvelously expressive variety of Spanish. Here, pretty much at random, is the post “Johny, Miguel, Tiburcio…”:

Chilangos like to avoid lame, merely descriptive sentences. Every time they can they throw some colorful term to surprise and amuse the listener. Instead of using boring pronouns as yo, tú, mi, ti, Chilangos use Johny, tunas, Miguel, Tiburcio. The substitutions are immaterial in terms of meaning. They are purely ornamental. Here are some examples:yo (I) => Johny
tu (You) => tunas
mi (me) => Miguel
ti (you) => tinieblas, tiburcio, tiburón
acá (here) => Acámbaro, Michoacán
pa’llá (contraction of para allá, over there) => payaso

He gives examples like “¿Quién se chupó mi Viña Real?” [Who drank my wine cooler?] “Johny” [I did], and “¡Hazte payaso!” [Move over!, lit. ‘Become a clown!’]. And this post not only describes the difference between nacos and fresas, it provides a hilarious video showing the two stereotypes talking with exaggerated stereotypicality. May a thousand such blogs bloom! Posted by languagehat at November 15, 2008 10:03 AM

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For Kysa

Posted by Josh on November 14, 2008

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Things Swiss…

Posted by Josh on November 14, 2008

What makes me so proud is that none of my Swiss students sounds as “Swiss” as this woman!

Guenter! The German against Swiss German! It’s on!

The American “Heidi” Shirely Temple!

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Posted by Josh on November 14, 2008

Answered by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray,


The Ashram where I studied is too small these days to accept new applicants — and generally speaking they only have resources for teaching their long-term students. But there are many other wonderful resources out there for beginning meditators. If you’re interested in travel to India, the most useful book is calledFrom Here to Nirvana – the Yoga Journal Guide to Spiritual Travel in India,which is a comprehensive review of dozens of spiritual outlets across India, written with practicality, humor and honesty. Also keep in mind what my mom told me once when I said, “Someday I’d like to get a boat and sail around the world!” She replied, “Why don’t you start by going sailing for an afternoon, and see if you like it?” Moving to India is a big step. Try a weekend meditation retreat first, just to see if you respond to it. Or begin a meditation practice at home. I would recommend the books of Pema Chodren and Jack Kornfield (who are both Buddhists) as excellent places to begin. Christian meditation is a centuries-old tradition, and there are now some excellent teachers and tapes out there on the topic.


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